On the 2nd of September 2020 The Slamazone opened it’s doors and admittedly we had black belts in the zone. So much so that when the special guest arrived the session was ‘Strictly’ In full swing. There was Strictly Not Dancing going on but there were plenty of killer moves on show.

I think if the jaw hinges were not secure enough on several Black belts then they would have clanged to the floor much like our dancing moves. The Black Belts that were there did however impress our guest, who said to me that these guys are working very hard and really look good at what they are doing.

I took that as a huge compliment for you all. After a few minutes of watching and myself informing him of what we were doing he seemed very interested. Next thing I knew he removed his ‘Fabulously’ sequenced bomber jacket and donned his specially made, glittery SlamaZone T-shirt and proceeded to join in with some basics. Kicking and punching along with Kihaping with the rest of us. To be fair he was not half bad and would make a really good beginner, so watch this space he may be back to The Slamazone soon…

After a good 20 or 25 minutes he signed some cards and T-shirts for people and posed for photographs, then was whisked away by his awaiting driver. Off to another event. Thank you Craig Revel-Horwood for adding to a memorable, special evening. The Opening of the SlamaZone.

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