The date was 12th September 2020 starting at 10am sharp. Grand Master Dew 9th Dan was there, temperature checked and Slamatised along with World Master Mark Taylor who had come along to chaperone his student that graded on the day. He also did a fantastic job in slamatising all students on the way in and out of the Slamazone.

The First ‘live’ Grading at Slamazone, with a Grading Examiner provided a 100% pass rate.

Noura Hosn achieved an A Pass and a further 30 students graded on the day and achieved their next rank towards their black belts.

Congratulations to all and a big thank you to all those who helped to get you there in training and indeed on the day.

The administrative side is also tough to organise so thanks to those who give up their time to assist and help. You are amazing people, without you it would not run so smoothly…Once again Thank You.

It’s teamwork that makes The Dreamwork!

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